Trader with ‘Scattered’ History Sees Another Company into Chapter 11

Prospect Money Corp. had prepared a foreclosure sale for Might one on the undrilled gasoline wells securing the more than $ 88.8 million in debt H&M Oil & Gasoline owed it. But when H&M filed for Chapter 11 on April 30, halting the sale, all the private equity firm could do was watch—and it appeared to Prospect like the “bad boy of Chicago arbitrage,” Leon Greenblatt, was at it once more.

If oil and gas exploration company H&M does not start drilling, the leases can be terminated, Prospect said, diminishing the H&M belongings that are guarding Prospect’s investment in the company. H&M has till August to commence drilling in 1 county just before the leases are dropped and fifty% of the collateral securing Prospect’s mortgage is absent, it explained.

Prospect has asked the court to enable it to go ahead with the foreclosure sale prior to the wells no longer belong to H&M. But until the court rules on the make any difference, Prospect’s hands are tied.

Even so, H&M’s background of defaulting on financial loans and dropping oil leases are only component of Prospect’s unease about H&M’s journey into Chapter eleven. The firm was set into individual bankruptcy by Chicago trader and H&M supervisor Leon “Chip” Greenblatt, a guy with some knowledge in bankruptcy courts.

“Greenblatt, [H&M Oil & Gas’s] manager, purported CFO and principal, has a extended history of misusing corporate formalities and the bankruptcy method for his very own achieve,” Prospect stated in documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Dallas. “Greenblatt has a background of utilizing his world wide web of corporations to defraud creditors.”

The firm incorporated a “non-exhaustive checklist of Greenblatt’s misuses of the personal bankruptcy system” with their objection. The checklist includes 12 independent circumstances.

Greenblatt stormed onto the bankruptcy scene in the mid-1990s, when metal business LTV Corp. was in Chapter eleven.

In LTV’s bankruptcy, he produced $ 27 million in 22 days, in accordance to BusinessWeek, by obtaining a loophole that an appeals court later ruled was legal.

LTV ’s prepare of reorganization issued stockholders warrants that permitted them to acquire stock in the new firm for 3.2 cents a share—but the previous stock traded for eighteen cents a share. The warrants outnumbered the shares and so Greenblatt’s company, Scattered Corp., marketed stock and purchased warrants, eventually marketing far more shares of the stock than even existed—180 million.

The transfer manufactured him a cult hero between traders, the Chicago Tribune stated. But because his initial bankruptcy court victory, he’s been hammered by judges, including Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Seventh, who’d handed down the ruling that cleared Greenblatt’s LTV trades.

“Greenblatt’s evasive and at occasions amazing testimony, and his orchestration of a scheme aimed at a palpable misuse of personal bankruptcy, raise significant ethical and probably authorized concerns,” Posner stated in a scenario involving the bankruptcy of South Seaside Securities Inc., according to the Prospect objection.

That determination affirmed a personal bankruptcy court’s refusal to confirm a Chapter 11 plan in which net functioning losses, often used to offset future taxes, have been the bankrupt company’s main asset, according to law firm Jones Day. Greenblatt was president and sole worker of the firm that owned the bankrupt securities broker. The company trying to purchase the tax refunds was Scattered Corp., exactly where Greenblatt is a principal.

Prospect claimed in the objection that Greenblatt and his acknowledged entities (it lists 14) have filed at the very least ten unsuccessful personal bankruptcy proceedings, “many of which have been dismissed for bad faith or other malfeasance by Greenblatt.”

H&M’s personal bankruptcy lawyer, Aaron Tobin, said by electronic mail that he and Greenblatt don’t think this is “an accurate representation of what transpired in the past nor do we see how the allegations are relevant to H&M’s try to efficiently reorganize and fulfill its lenders.

“Nevertheless, numerous of the unrelated steps that Prospect references in its filings were resolved to the fulfillment of all intrigued events throughout or following the bankruptcy circumstances referenced,” Tobin stated.

In court filings, H&M has responded to Prospect’s objection, stating that it does not intend to permit the oil properly leases terminate so there is no purpose for the individual bankruptcy court to enable Prospect to transfer forward with the foreclosure. It requested permission to faucet $ five million in bankruptcy financing from Greenblatt’s Scattered Corp. that it mentioned will enable it to fund drilling of a few wells in the first one hundred twenty times of the case.

Tobin explained he’s optimistic this proposal will solve Prospect’s worries. “The proposal will allow for the defense of the lenders and for the debtor to effectively reorganize,” he stated.

H&M also said it did not file for personal bankruptcy for the sole function of halting Prospect’s foreclosure, but also so that it could reorganize and obtain financing to drill.

In addition, Greenblatt, who filed H&M’s personal bankruptcy petition, is not actually concerned in the company’s day-to-day operations, the organization mentioned.

A listening to on Prospect Capital’s ask for is scheduled for Wednesday.

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